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       Jinjiang Xingke Garment Accessories Technology CO.Ltd built in 2012,is a company professional for heat transfer products、integrated management of garment accessories design、manufacture,sales and services in heat transfer fields. Our product ranges include: Heat Transfer vinyl, Reflective,Tagless Care Label,Custom Heat Transfer,Laser Engraving.DIY Customized and Digital printing..


     We learn the QC production technology&management concept from International Authoritative Heat Transfer Technology Company, and take them into our production,under their introduction,we create our own brand--“YOUNG THINKING”to devote into heat transfer business.With the mission of “Develop Brand Culture Spirit,Advanced Management Service And Quality”.Under the leading of fashion trend,the courage of step out,brand spirit,we insist to the center of clients to meet their demands,and are trying to create long-termed value to achieve clients and make our workers build their value.



Since the born date, we always remember the concept“Smile &Grateful Always Here,Just Let You Purchase Easy”,attract a team with advanced management experience and persistent services,build a improved system,such as Design Room,Research Room,Laboratory Room and Introduction Room,also put our full capacity onto Eco-friendly fields.


At the moment,we build the footpoints in Jinjiang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou,work with a few outsourced factory as their strategic partners. Not only work with the famous brand in domestic market,but also wholesale products overseas include Asia,Middle East,Europe,North American even South American. With the focus to every process in Quality and Service,,careful spirit,strict control,we receive a high degree of recognition from our clients.



In the future,YOUNG THINKING will surpass ourselves at a new starting point and strive to become the most reliable long-term partner for consumers.

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Jinjiang Xingke Garment Accessories Technology CO.Ltd


Add:Xingke Building,Dabulin District,Wuli Industrial Zone,Jinjiang,Fujian,China

Oversea Market:86-15011751770

Domestic Market:86-15905076365


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